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Anti Sliders ( Grippers ) Cover your slider with an antislider (slip-on gripper) when not on the ice to avoid damage to your slider.
Keep your gripper and antislider clean by washing regularly with soap and water (don't forget the inside of your antislider). This will improve traction and keep dirt off the ice. Wipe excess dirt from the exterior of the shoes with a damp cloth and polish. Grippers and antisliders are like tires: they wear out and must be maintained and repaired or replaced, if they become worn or damaged. This is for your safety to avoid falls and injuries. For running shoes sizing may vary slightly. It is important to ensure your gripper fits snug so it will not slip off. Asham - $ 21.99 ﷯ This rubber slip-on gripper fits the Rotator sole to protect your slider and most wide soled running shoes. Size chart: XS-Women's sizes 5-7.5 & Junior sizes 3-5 SM-Women's sizes 8-10 & Junior size 6 MED-Women's sizes 10.5-11 & Men's sizes 7-9 LARGE-Men's sizes 9.5-11 XL-Men's sizes 11.5-14 Balance Plus - $ 19.99 ﷯ This gripper is designed to lock onto the shoe - order for the right foot or left foot. Available in Black for either foot, sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (unifoot) Available in Pink for either foot, sizes XS, S, M, L, XL Goldline - $ 16.99 ﷯ Available in black or pink
Sure footing on the ice and protecting the slider off the ice. You can't go wrong!
XS: Ladies 4-6
Small: Ladies 6.5 - 8.5
Medium: Ladies 8 - 10 Mens 7 - 8.5
Large: Mens 9- 10.5
X-Large: 11 - 13 XX-Large: 14 Olson Hexa - $ 21.99
﷯Olson's new Hexa Gripper features a revolutionary design that helps to increase air transfer, thereby reducing ice melt and on-ice gripper marks. Also, it is made out of a high quality Thermal Rubber, which is far superior in grip and durability to any other Gripper currently on the market.
Hexa Gripper Sizing Ladies 5 - 5.5 = XSMALL Ladies 6 - 7.5 = SMALL Ladies 8 - 9.5 = MEDIUM Ladies 10 = LARGE Mens 7 - 8 = MEDIUM Mens 8.5 - 10 = LARGE Mens 10.5 - 12 = XLARGE Mens 13 - 14 = XXLARGE Still a bit under construction. Stop watches & Rockwatchers, grippers with sliders, elastic pull on sliders, and many other items are in stock, just waiting to be uploaded to the website. Call 613-771-9557 for these items. ﷯

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